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Promotional Sticky Postit Notes

It’s very handy to have a promotional post-it note around when you need one. So with that in mind, who would say no to a pad of stuk notes with your custom logo on the front. Please feel free to look around our website and you will be impressed by the large selection we have on offer, not to mention the wide variety of gift ideas for adhesive office note pads we have in stock.

If you are stuck for some creative and imaginative ideas for promotional post it notes to add to your merchandise range, may we suggest recycled sticky note pads which are great eco friendly promotional products that are made from recycled materials that won't harm the environment.

Just a few of our best selling Promotional Products in Sticky Notes

Customised Memo Set
Customised Memo Sets are a great desk organiser for every day use. Great promotional, marketing giveaway idea.
from $10.70 to $7.15 ea
50 min qty
Handy Sticky Notes
Handy Sticky Notes come in various colours for a fun mini sticky note pad.
from $1.62 to $0.29 ea
250 min qty
Stik Notes Combo
Stik Notes Combo for personalised stationery items
from $4.05 to $1.62 ea
250 min qty
Office Pad Sets
Office Pad Sets are quality Desk Note Pads.
from $4.90 to $2.65 ea
250 min qty
Promo Cube Notes
Promo Cube Notes are premium Square Notes.
from $18.74 to $8.03 ea
100 min qty
Desk Cube Notes
Desk Cube Notes are promotional Desktop Cube Notes.
from $20.57 to $10.03 ea
100 min qty
Cube Stuk Notes
Cube Stuk Notes are great value square sticky note pads
from $30.77 to $18.81 ea
100 min qty
Apple Post It Notes
Apple Post It Notes are ideal promos for produce companies
from $2.53 to $1.52 ea
500 min qty
Super Cube Notes
Super Cube Notes are supplied with 550 sheets, sized 7.5cm x 7.5cm.
from $14.37 to $13.50 ea
250 min qty
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