Promotional Stationery

Bookmarks6 items
Calendars8 items
Clipboards15 items
Journals48 items
Notebooks128 items
Notepads11 items
Pen Holders
Pen Holders30 items
Rulers40 items

Promotional stationery is one of the most popular promotional product gift categories to give away at conferences and trade shows. You can pick from cheap bulk pens like our branded plastic pens to executive metal pens that we can engrave with your corporate logo.

We also have Parker pens and Waterman pens in our promotional stationery section. If you are looking for that promotional gift that’s something different then try our stuk notes. Our stuk notes are available in a choice of sheet sizes and are always handy to have on a desk.

We can have every page of your stuk notes product printed with your promotional corporate message. To accompany your branded pens we also have pen holders and note holders that would make a great combination promotional gift.

Just a few of our best selling Promotional Products in Stationery

A6 Notebook
A6 Notebooks make excellent customisable promotional gifts and are great stationery gift ideas
from $3.77 to $3.29 ea
100 min qty
Translucent  Notebook
Translucent Notebooks are always welcome additions to any office and are perfect stationery promotional gift ideas.
from $4.08 to $3.28 ea
50 min qty
Made in Australia
Custom Small Notepad
Custom Small Notepads can be printed with your corporate image for a distinct marketing device
from $3.93 to $0.90 ea
100 min qty
Made in Australia
Custom Medium Notepad
Custom Medium Notepads come in a range of sizes and at a super low cost for promoting your corporate identity
from $4.74 to $1.67 ea
100 min qty
Printed Pencil Sharpener
Printed Pencil Sharpeners in three colour choices will help promote your brand to a large mass audience.
from $1.20 to $0.88 ea
250 min qty
30cm Ruler
30cm Rulers are very effective promotional tools as they are highly visible, used on a daily basis and have a low cost point
from $1.22 to $0.90 ea
100 min qty
Important Info3 Day Service Available
Note Holding Clip
Note Holding Clips have a wholesale price which makes them even more enticing as a quality corporate gift idea.
from $1.74 to $1.35 ea
250 min qty
Snake Shaped Memo Holder
Snake-Shaped Memo Holder with unique design keeps clutter off desks and make great promotional gifts.
from $1.71 to $1.54 ea
250 min qty
Important Info3 Day Service Available
Grease Proof Notepads
Grease Proof Notepads are exciting value for money spiral bound notebooks ideal for everyday use.
from $5.28 to $3.64 ea
50 min qty
Combo Ruler Pack
Combo Ruler Packs are great value promotional products.
from $3.98 to $2.66 ea
100 min qty
A5 Promo Journal
A5 Promo Journals with PU cover and custom printed logos
from $23.15 to $15.18 ea
25 min qty
Plastic Magnifier Ruler
Plastic Magnifier Rulers come in either transparent red or blue.
from $1.38 to $0.82 ea
250 min qty
Sticky Note Calendar Case
Sticky Note Calendar Cases include a number of useful features
from $10.08 to $9.22 ea
100 min qty
Desk Paper Clip Dispenser
Desk Paper Clip Dispensers have a fun house shaped design.
from $3.45 to $3.16 ea
250 min qty
Clip Ruler Magnifier
Clip Ruler Magnifiers can be personalized with your business logo
from $2.86 to $1.77 ea
250 min qty
Spectrum Desk Clock
Spectrum Desk Clocks feature an alarm function.
from $26.39 to $24.04 ea
50 min qty
Bookmark Sticky Notes
Bookmark Sticky Notes come with a PP ruler and are ideal for marketing brands.
from $1.51 to $0.84 ea
250 min qty
Branded Clipboard
Branded Clipboards are practical promotional tools.
from $12.24 to $11.65 ea
100 min qty
Trendy Promo Clipboard
Trendy Promo Clipboards are superior in quality.
from $13.10 to $12.47 ea
120 min qty
Promo Florence Clipboard
Promo Florence Clipboards have two different board colours.
from $13.92 to $13.24 ea
120 min qty
Made in Australia
DL Sized Desk Calendar
DL Sized Desk Calendars are printed on 200gsm gloss paper.
from $7.32 to $3.62 ea
100 min qty

Creative Promotional Gift Ideas

Promotional stationery products are a brilliant strategy for big, small, and even startup businesses because everyone have a need for these items. Our huge range of the best branded stationery includes bookmarks, calendars, paper clips, notepads, pen holders, rulers, notebooks, journals, and other essential office supplies. All of these can be customised with your choice of details, and are offered at affordable prices. Colour and style options are also endless, so you’re sure to find the ones that meet your specific requirement. If you want to get additional exposure in schools and offices, you will never be disappointed with our line of stationery items.

Of course, our stationery collection is not just great for promoting businesses, they can also be used as a giveaway for corporate parties and private events, such as weddings, anniversaries, holiday celebrations, and birthdays. They also make a nice welcome gift for new employees, as well as a reward for students to encourage good behaviour and boost learning. These promotional products are useful and versatile, and any recipient will greatly appreciate receiving a piece. If you need help in choosing stationery products, you can give our team a call, and we will be happy to assist you in creating promotional products that will make an impact for your brand. Or, send us a message to request quote.

To accompany your promotional stationery, we also offer personalised BIC pens, available in various colours and styles. We have standard pens with cap, twist-action pens, push-action pens, multifunction pens, and eco-friendly pens. Just like our stationery products, our BIC pens will surely appeal to employees and students.