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Kindergartens & schools would love to receive some promotional crayons, so this is a great opportunity for your company to brand your logo on them and give them out. Or perhaps you’re part of the school or kindergarten and would like some promotional crayons as part of your stationery collection.

Either way, these promotional crayons products are perfect for your company to purchase in bulk and ensure that your logo is seen at each and every use of these great branded crayons.

All Our Promotional Merchandise in Crayons

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Promotional Crayons
Promotional Crayons feature a customizable whit box and make for excellent promotional tools
from $1.34 to $0.96 ea
250 min qty
Colour Me Crayon Set
Colour Me Crayon Sets are a brilliant promotional giveaway for educational facilities, and a fun addition to any art collection.
from $1.66 to $1.32 ea
250 min qty
Colour Crayons Set
Colour Crayons Sets are high quality promotional giveaway items
from $1.87 to $1.17 ea
250 min qty
6 Piece Crayon Box Set
6 Piece Crayon Box Sets have a minimum order of 250 units.
from $1.97 to $1.19 ea
250 min qty
Assorted Crayons
Assorted Crayons are the affordable and effective promotional product that can be customized with your corporate or school logo
from $2.13 to $1.53 ea
250 min qty
Coloured Crayons in Tube
Coloured Crayons in Tube can be customised with your logo and come in an unbleached cardboard tube.
from $2.37 to $1.91 ea
100 min qty
Crayon Gift Pack
Crayon Gift Packs are excellent business promotional products
from $3.02 to $2.02 ea
100 min qty
Colouring Crayons Set
Colouring Crayons Sets are high quality promo crayon sets
from $8.88 to $5.30 ea
50 min qty
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