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Promotional Pencils ~ Where Australia Gets Its Personalised Pencils

There’s just no replacement for a solid pencil sometimes is there? That’s why you’re here and are considering our great range of promotional pencils! We have a huge selection of personalised pencils and pencil-related products that you can use to make sure your brand is always remembered whenever your clients or customer need to use their promotional pencil.

Don’t look past our selection of standard pencils to start your promotional campaign off. They’ll go along way with the proper printing job! We also have a great selection of mechanical pencils which are much sturdier than our standard pencils and thus more suitable for the building industry. But don’t confuse them with our great selection of corporate pens!

Just a few of our best selling Promotional Products in Pencils

Silver Metal Pen Pencils
Silver Metal Pen Pencils make great promotional tools, and metal pencils can be customised with your company logo
from $13.43 to $8.51 ea
50 min qty
Enviro Canvas Organiser
Enviro Canvas Organisers are the unique eco friendly organisers that are perfect for trade shows or promotional exhibitions.
from $3.32 to $2.60 ea
250 min qty
Kids Pencil Case
Kids Pencil Cases are terrific promotional products to offer kids to take to school to use for their pencils and pens
from $2.07 to $1.17 ea
250 min qty
Mini Colouring Pencils
Mini Colouring Pencils are sure to make a perfect addition into any school or business merchandise program
from $1.39 to $1.01 ea
250 min qty
Coloured Pencils in Box
Coloured Pencils in Boxes have 6 different coloured pencils packaged in a recycled newspaper box
from $1.17 to $0.73 ea
250 min qty
Colouring Crayons Set
Colouring Crayons Sets are high quality promo crayon sets
from $8.88 to $5.30 ea
50 min qty
Promotional Pencil Case
Promotional Pencil Cases are inexpensive stationery products.
from $4.83 to $3.08 ea
100 min qty
Branded Pencil Sharpener
Branded Pencil Sharpeners have excellent personalization options
from $2.47 to $2.02 ea
250 min qty
Custom School Pouch
Custom School Pouches are available in a number of colours
from $3.23 to $2.59 ea
250 min qty
Customized Business Pencil
Customized Business Pencils have a twist action mechanism
from $36.85 to $36.30 ea
500 min qty
Rhodes Eraser
Rhodes Erasers are inexpensive in a rectangle shape.
from $0.74 to $0.42 ea
250 min qty
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