RFID Devices

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RFID Card Safety Sleeve
RFID Card Safety Sleeves are a great promotional item that will appeal to all, especially to on the go professionals and frequent travellers.
from $3.07 to $1.28 ea
500 min qty
Passport Safeguard Sleeve
For businesses looking for a unique, useful, and low-cost promotional piece, these Passport Safeguard Sleeves are a great pick.
from $3.79 to $2.09 ea
500 min qty
Phoenix RFID Passport Wallet
Customised Phoenix RFID Passport Wallets increase brand awareness with the jet setters.
from $8.98 to $6.17 ea
50 min qty
Roma RFID Wallet With Pull Tab
Stylish Custom Roma RFID Wallets With Pull Tab protect against identity theft.
from $16.70 to $14.06 ea
50 min qty
Verona RFID Travel Pouch
Personalised Verona RFID Travel Pouches protect your sensitive information.
from $29.55 to $24.32 ea
25 min qty

Everywhere you take your important identity document and banking cards is a potential spot for information theft. Today, it's easier than ever to experience identity theft because they don't even have to hold your passport to be able to figure out your information. Become vigilant and protect yourself from these kinds of incidents using only a simple pouch. Our special RFID and NFC blocking sleeves will be the number one wall that will keep thieves away from your information. These sleeves will become an important companion to your everyday and your long-distance travel! Customise our sleeves to provide your clients and guests with a way to protect themselves constantly and travel freely!