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IT Products | Great Range of Computer Peripherals for Promotions

Besides promotional mouse pads and USB flash drives have lots of interesting promotional IT peripheral for promotional use including cordless computer mouses, phone products, computer accessories and budget items like microfiber screen cleaners.

Our website also has a great range the latest tech gadgets or CD case products that can make wonderful merchandising products as well as holiday gift items like our travel case for music CDs.

Just a few of our best selling Promotional Products in IT Products

Optical Mouse With Case
Optical Mouses With Case are a stylish and practical computer desk-top item and make economical promotional gifts
from $24.23 to $17.78 ea
50 min qty
Small Full Colour One Side Printed Cloth
Small Full Colour One Side Printed Microfibre Lens Cloths are sized 10cm x 10cm
from $0.98 to $0.38 ea
250 min qty
Custom iPad Cover
Custom iPad Covers feature stylish white stitching and a black zipper
from $25.07 to $16.07 ea
25 min qty
Quality iPad Case
Quality iPad Cases will automatically wake and sleep your iPad
from $18.69 to $11.46 ea
25 min qty
Portable Charger
Portable Chargers are designed with a USB output and a battery test button
from $74.83 to $49.00 ea
50 min qty
Personalized Wireless Mouse
Personalized Wireless Mouse's include a USB receiver
from $33.70 to $26.67 ea
25 min qty
Stylish 3mm Earphone Splitter
Stylish 3mm earphone splitter, fully imprinted with double port and a suction mechanism holder.
from $3.35 to $2.48 ea
100 min qty
Corporate iPad Cover Holder
Corporate Ipad Covers/Holders make great office accessories.
from $15.75 to $12.21 ea
25 min qty
Custom Nano Mouse
Custom Nano Mouses can be used as promotional gifts.
from $13.47 to $10.71 ea
100 min qty
Medium Full Colour One Side Printed Cloth
Medium Full Colour One Side Printed Microfibre Lens Cloth is a square 13cm x 13cm shape
from $1.07 to $0.47 ea
250 min qty
Emergency Tablet Power Bank
Emergency Tablet Power Banks have a large 4400mah Lithium Ion A Grade battery cell.
from $13.35 to $10.56 ea
50 min qty
Stirling Cable Charger
Stirling Cable Chargers can be custom branded for a great promotional giveaway.
from $5.35 to $4.19 ea
100 min qty
RFID Card Safety Sleeve
RFID Card Safety Sleeves are a great promotional item that will appeal to all, especially to on the go professionals and frequent travellers.
from $2.24 to $0.83 ea
500 min qty
Passport Safeguard Sleeve
For businesses looking for a unique, useful, and low-cost promotional piece, these Passport Safeguard Sleeves are a great pick.
from $2.72 to $1.12 ea
500 min qty

Creative Promotional Gift Ideas

USB hubs, Webcams, Mobile phone chargers, novelty IT products, funky computer mouses and audio products are just some of the great stuff we have in our promotional IT section. We have a variety of promotional computer accessories that your company can utilize for promoting and advertising and are perfect for computer related companies like our screen cleaner, keypad brush, 4 ports USB base, flexible USB hub, and promotional keyboard brush.

Inexpensive promotional products can be perfect for using as grab bag give away items for trade shows and conventions and we have office standard mouses and customised novelty mice that won’t break any budgets and can be customized and bought in large bulk quantities to get your company exposure.

This section is one of the quickest growing with new and innovative promotional products coming out all the time so make sure you check back often.

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