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Oval Magic Pill
Oval Magic Pills will market your company like no other product and are available by air or by sea
from $7.84 to $3.20 ea
1000 min qty
Custom Magic Block
Promotional Magic Blocks are uniquely constructed to maximise your company's promotional possibilities
from $9.48 to $2.98 ea
300 min qty
Circle Magic Ring
Circle Magic Rings can take on multiple promotional brands and can be manipulated to form different unique shapes
from $11.37 to $3.44 ea
500 min qty
Prime Magic Card
Prime Magic Cards can take on multiple corporate messages and are small enough to fit into promotional mailings
from $11.53 to $3.60 ea
300 min qty
Square Magic Cube
Square Magic Cubes will effectively promote your brand and twist and move around to form an infinite loop of ads
from $11.60 to $3.11 ea
300 min qty
Mini Magic Diamond
Unique Magic Diamonds are your answer to a successful marketing campaign, with a dazzling look and feel
from $12.62 to $4.46 ea
300 min qty
Premium Magic Oval
Premium Magic Ovals are custom marketing tools designed in an oblong shape that will attract eyes
from $12.80 to $4.12 ea
500 min qty
Center Hole Magic Ring
Center Hole Magic Rings will bring promotional results to your company and have an outer diameter of 10.3cm
from $13.30 to $3.78 ea
500 min qty
Little Magic Can
Little Magic Cans will get you marketing results and come in a great novelty design
from $13.70 to $4.25 ea
300 min qty
Magic Orbit Shape
Magic Orbit Shapes are 7.6cm x 2.6cm, and are available in bulk, with units delivered individually shrink wrapped
from $13.99 to $4.79 ea
300 min qty
Promotional Magic Cube
Promotional Magic Cubes are 7cm square and will give your next promotional campaign a facelift with their stylish, compact design
from $15.81 to $4.46 ea
300 min qty
Solid Magic Orbit
Solid Magic Orbits are larger magic orbits with enough marketing prowess to effectively yield results for your company
from $15.81 to $5.13 ea
300 min qty
Magic Triangle Puzzle
Two Print Magic Triangles can't be beat as marketing tools, and are available in two types of print sizes
from $15.81 to $4.64 ea
300 min qty
Customised Magic Disk
Customised Magic Disks will get your corporate message across and come small enough for ease of transport
from $16.10 to $4.89 ea
300 min qty
Magic House Puzzle
Magic House Puzzles are compact in design and will effectively market your company brand
from $16.24 to $5.28 ea
300 min qty
Custom Magic Diamond
Custom Magic Diamonds are 7cm x 7cm x 7cm and will get the results you want during your next promotional push
from $16.53 to $4.86 ea
300 min qty
115mm Magic Can
115mm Magic Can are amazing promotional devices with a unique look that will get people talking
from $16.82 to $6.35 ea
300 min qty
Magic Container Cube
Visual Magic Containers can take on numerous promotional brands and two different types of print processes
from $17.84 to $6.78 ea
300 min qty
Large Magic Cube
Large Magic Cubes have a unique look and promotional role, making them premium marketing vehicles for trade shows
from $19.14 to $6.41 ea
300 min qty
Extra Large Magic Cube
Extra Large Magic Cubes will transform into different designs while marketing your business brand
from $20.31 to $9.38 ea
500 min qty

Our promotional magic cubes selection is comprised of the best quality and most diverse shapes/styles of customisable magic cubes. People everywhere love to play around with these fun promotional magic cubes and they look great on any desk around the office.

When you feel the need to mix up your promotional strategy, you should definitely consider some of these quality promo magic cubes.

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