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Mikado Gift Pack
Mikado Gift Packs are great promotional merchandise products
from $4.24 to $2.85 ea
100 min qty
Printed Marbles
Printed Marbles come packaged in a small zipper pouch
from $5.35 to $4.17 ea
150 min qty
Printed Metal Jacks
Printed Metal Jacks feature 8 metal jacks and a shooter ball
from $5.77 to $4.66 ea
150 min qty
Spinner Rings
Printed Spinner Rings are a fun item that you can use almost anywhere.
from $7.51 to $6.38 ea
100 min qty
Desk Puzzle Set
Desk Puzzle Sets are the quality metal desk puzzles that will reflect a fun corporate image for your business
from $8.78 to $6.97 ea
100 min qty
Personalised Domino Set
Personalised Domino Sets are an ideal way to impress your staff and customers alike. Great promotional giveaway idea.
from $16.70 to $13.17 ea
50 min qty
Office Ball Game
Office Ball Games will provide hours of fun during lunch breaks.
from $18.78 to $16.60 ea
50 min qty
HangTime Mini Basketball Game
HangTime Mini Basketball Games bring playtime to your desk.
from $19.93 to $17.44 ea
50 min qty
Two-in-One Game Set
Two-in-One Game Sets promote brain training and are the perfect way of promoting you brand in a fun way
from $25.77 to $16.12 ea
25 min qty
Seven-in-One Mini Games
Seven-in-One Mini Games provide hours of fun and a creative way of presenting your brand identity to clients
from $26.35 to $14.37 ea
25 min qty

Promotional office games represent such a broad selection of what we commonly know as some of the fun executive games like poker, backgammon & darts. What fun it would be to receive a branded remote control car that could zoom across the boardroom table while nobody is looking or engage your boss in a game of chess.

All of these promotional office games are here plus a wide range of other fun desk games. All of our desk board games and puzzles can be custom printed and make for excellent corporate promotional gifts. Suspended balls are a classic of the desk accessory distractions.

Card Games
Card Games28 items
Magic Cubes
Magic Cubes20 items
Puzzles37 items