Rubiks Cubes

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Personalised Rubik Cube Keyring
Personalised Rubik Cube Keyrings will bring fun to your next big marketing push and are available in four or two spot colour prints
from $8.72 to $2.88 ea
500 min qty
Personalised Rubik Cube
Special Look Rubik Cubes are a new take on the classic challenging game, with your corporate brand on each unit
from $12.69 to $3.97 ea
300 min qty
Large Rubik Cube
Large Rubik Cubes have promotional space on each of its six sides and will get the marketing job done
from $16.97 to $5.06 ea
300 min qty
Custom Print Rubik Cube
Custom Print Rubik Cubes provide a great way to market your brand and come in a 3 x 3 block design
from $16.97 to $5.06 ea
300 min qty
Supreme Rubik Cube
Supreme Rubik Cubes are shrink wrapped Rubik cubes, with plenty of marketing potential
from $21.39 to $10.26 ea
300 min qty

Personalised Rubik Cubes have to be one of the stand out promotional merchandise items to come out in the past five years. Rubik Cubes are a fascinating product with so many advertising opportunites on the four faces, we can personalise them all with a full colour print over the entire Rubik Cube product. We can't think of a more effective multiple faceted promotional product than personalised Rubik Cubes. We've got small keyring Rubik Cubes up to the standard 3 x 3 Rubik Cubes you would be familiar with. If you want a unique advertising product, you can't go past these personalised Rubik Cubes.