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Promotional Desk Items ~ Gigantic Range Of Cheap Office Supplies

Office Promotional Products is a premium supplier of promotional desk items products in Australia. All our cheap office supplies can be printed or engraved with your logo depending on the material of the product.

Depending on the type of desk accessory product you choose it can be either pad printed or screen printed with your corporate branding. We offer one of Australia’s best ranges of promotional desk items including premium quality digital photo frames. All of our promotional desk accessory items are fully priced on the website.

Also make sure you check out our personalised office supplies section.

Just a few of our best selling Promotional Products in Desk Accessories

Promotional Photo Frame
Promotional Photo Frames hold large 13xm x 18cm photos and come as brushed silver aluminium photo frames
from $12.08 to $9.25 ea
50 min qty
Desk Earth Globe Jigsaw
Desk Earth Globe Puzzles are true executive promotional gift ideas made with magnetic puzzle pieces to make quality gifts
from $42.08 to $32.87 ea
25 min qty
Corporate Pen Holder
Corporate Pen Holders are a fantastic customised promotional product for your business
from $14.25 to $9.82 ea
50 min qty
Silver Letter Opener
Silver Letter Openers can be laser engraved to showcase your company logo
from $11.26 to $7.64 ea
50 min qty
Traditional Counter Mat
Traditional Counter Mats are corporate branded counter mats, perfect for your next promotion
from $8.23 to $3.81 ea
100 min qty
Supreme Welded Counter Mat
Supreme Welded Counter Mats get your company's marketing message across to your clients in full colour
from $8.87 to $5.51 ea
250 min qty
Business Card Display
Business Card Displays showcase your business cards on a sleek and compact designed card holder and are a great promotional tool
from $19.14 to $7.95 ea
25 min qty
Custom Medium Notepad
Custom Medium Notepads come in a range of sizes and at a super low cost for promoting your corporate identity
from $4.37 to $1.65 ea
100 min qty
Medium 50 Page Notepad
Medium 50 page Notepads are popular for their low cost and high impact design, proven to be a great success with new customers
from $5.52 to $2.65 ea
100 min qty
Large 50 Page Notepad
Large 50 page Notepads will be appealing to all customers and clients with their super large surface and branding possibilities
from $10.66 to $6.63 ea
250 min qty
15cm Personalised Ruler
15cm Personalised Rulers are cheap promotional products that have a large 140mm x 20mm print area an d can effectively promote your business
from $0.92 to $0.55 ea
250 min qty
Standard Counter Mat
Standard Counter Mats are personalised counter mats that can promote your corporate brand without breaking the budget
from $15.14 to $9.84 ea
250 min qty
Shiny Ebony Letter Opener
Shiny Ebony Letter Openers are an excellent and stylish promotional gift idea with a glossy black design handle for busy executives
from $18.30 to $7.83 ea
25 min qty
Aluminium 30cm Ruler
Aluminium 30cm Rulers are useful and sturdy promotional merchandise items that can be branded with your logo
from $8.85 to $3.37 ea
50 min qty
Personalised Rubik Cube
Special Look Rubik Cubes are a new take on the classic challenging game, with your corporate brand on each unit
from $11.34 to $4.36 ea
300 min qty
Premium Rubik Cube Torch
Premium Rubik Cube Torches will give your company a leg up on your latest marketing campaign and come with rotating sections
from $9.38 to $3.32 ea
500 min qty
Custom Ballerina Letter Opener
Custom Ballerina Letter Openers feature a 10 x 10mm branding area on the body for customising
from $7.85 to $4.64 ea
50 min qty
Mini Football
Mini Footballs are exciting and fun promo game sets
from $81.18 to $67.24 ea
10 min qty
Business Desk Cube
Business Desk Cubes are available in white with red and white with blue
from $1.91 to $1.35 ea
250 min qty
Colourful Notepad Wallet
Colourful Notepad Wallets feature 25 sheets of lined memo pad
from $4.75 to $3.73 ea
250 min qty
Neoprene Electronics Necklace
Neoprene Electronics Necklaces can be customized with your company info
from $5.88 to $3.44 ea
100 min qty
Solar Powered Dancing Flower
Solar Powered Dancing Flowers are fun novelty gift items for your desk
from $9.14 to $7.93 ea
100 min qty
Desk Box with iPad Holder
Desk Boxes with iPad Holder feature hidden media holes.
from $78.84 to $70.88 ea
25 min qty
Flat Folding Desk Calendar
Flat Folding Desk Calendars are a handy and fun desk accessory.
from $4.60 to $2.92 ea
250 min qty

Creative Promotional Gift Ideas

Not only do we supply a huge range of promotional desk items but Office Promotional Products but we can deliver to you no matter where you are in Australia. Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth, Tasmania or anywhere in between, we’ll get it to you.

You’ll find a huge range of promotional desk items all ready to be printed with your corporate logo or message.

Choosing the right merchandise product for your next trade show or promotional event couldn’t be easier with our desk accessory promotional gifts all divided into different promotional categories, so you can make an informed choice of product for your next promotion.

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