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Executive Travel Alarm Clock
Executive Travel Alarm Clocks are easy to read analog travel clocks with protection cover case
from $19.18 to $7.56 ea
25 min qty
4in1 Travel Clock
4in1 Travel Clocks serve as a clock, timer, temperature gauge and alarm making them the versatile promotional travel gift
from $21.72 to $10.05 ea
25 min qty

Although our promotional travel clocks aren’t necessarily desk items, we do have a selection of corporate clocks that can also suit for a desk and be taken with you when travelling. We have lightweight travel clocks or heavier metal travel clocks that look great with an engraved logo. Travel clocks tend to come with features such as alarm clock and at least dual time zones

If you are looking for cheap promotional items, our smaller promotional travel clocks are very economical and are sure to please anybody who receives one. Some of our digital travel clocks also come with bright illuminated displays, making them easy to read.

Desk Clocks
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