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We have a great range of both promotional clocks and stopwatches. If you travel a lot then consider one of our world time clocks that can be custom printed with your company logo or if your promotional budget is tight then consider one of our cheap promo clocks in our plastic range.

For a funky clock look at our see through clocks with large digital displays or promotional swivel clocks. Custom branding on clocks is no problem for us. We can pad print your corporate logo onto any of our clocks or choose from our executive clocks in our metal range and we’ll have your logo professionally laser engraved for a life time finish.

Just a few of our best selling Promotional Products in Clocks

Weather Station Clock
Weather Station Clocks are have a aluminium casing making them perfect for laser engraved corporate gifts
from $16.77 to $13.24 ea
50 min qty
Small Desk Clock
Small Desk Clocks are metal analog clocks with a compact design making them perfect for cluttered business desks.
from $25.82 to $11.50 ea
25 min qty
Lightweight Sports Clock
Lightweight Sports Clocks are essential for any athlete with their many features but are ideal for any clients
from $9.65 to $3.10 ea
50 min qty
Kitchen Plastic Timer
Kitchen Plastic Timers are efficient timers.
from $8.64 to $5.09 ea
50 min qty
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Regency Wall Clock
Regency Wall Clocks include batteries
from $23.10 to $15.73 ea
25 min qty
Product Is On Sale
Vanity Wall Clock
Vanity Wall Clocks have a silent sweep movement.
from $23.10 to $15.73 ea
25 min qty

Creative Promotional Gift Ideas

You can't go wrong with our amazing selection of cheap promo clocks especially consider we can ship them to you no matter where you are in Australia. Promotional desk clocks give great exposure to your company brand as they are always on display in front of your customer. As a promotional product you can’t ask for better than that.