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30 October, 2018

One of The Best Replacements To Your Employees Desk Accessories

If you’re planning to clean up the desks of your employees and looking for an exchange of the unnecessary old stuff they have, you might want to give each of them our corporate pen holder for a fresher, cleaner, and newer workstations!

These pen holders have amazing features which are perfect to help in the productivity of an employee. It is built with the digital display of the time, date, and temperature. Any desk would look amazing with this! The pen holder is also constructed with two mini drawers where clips and other small items may be kept.

It is a perfect office essential, so employees will stay productive as they have a timely reminder. The two mini drawers may be a compartment for paper clips and other small office stationeries.

This pen holder may bear your brand by customising and printing your company name and logo on it bottom front area. You may gift this not only to your employees but also to your potential business partners and clients.  

Order it now in bulk!

The Office Promotional Products Team