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Microfibre monitor cleaners, custom printed USB hubs, promotional cable organizers and advertising paper shredders are included as computer accessory products that will effectively yield results for your custom corporate brand. These tech savvy computer accessories are geared toward people who are very into computers, which isn't hard to find these days considering that computers are so wildly popular across the planet. Many of these prime promotional computer accessories are subtle but will easily get people to take notice of your brand.

If you're looking for custom usb drives however, you can find them here.

All Our Promotional Merchandise in Computer Accessories

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Computer USB Hub
Computer USB Hubs are the practical promotional giveaways that are sure to be well received, helping to enhance your corporate image
from $6.06 to $5.23 ea
100 min qty
Flexible 4 Port USB Hub
Flexible 4 Port USB Hubs can be customised to showcase your logo and stand as very effective budget promotional gift products
from $5.66 to $4.88 ea
100 min qty
Snap Style Cable Organiser
Snap Style Cable Organisers help manage cables meticulously.
from $1.53 to $0.98 ea
100 min qty
Executive LCD Cleaner
Executive LCD Cleaners are the plastic computer screen cleaners with a brush
from $2.11 to $1.37 ea
100 min qty
Computer Cleaning Brush Set
Computer Cleaning Brush Sets are top quality for cleaning your computer.
from $2.18 to $1.55 ea
500 min qty
Customised  Gumbite Cable Manager
Customised Gumbite Cable Manager comes in four attractive colours.
from $2.60 to $1.92 ea
100 min qty
Handy LCD Monitor Calendar
Handy LCD Monitor Calendars makes time management flawless and acts as a great reminder of your company
from $2.70 to $0.89 ea
250 min qty
Micro Fibre Laptop Protector
Micro Fibre Laptop Protectors will make a great desk accessory when you customise with your corporate logo and name.
from $3.20 to $2.45 ea
250 min qty
Toronto Connector Cables will charge your mobile phone device.
from $3.29 to $2.57 ea
100 min qty
Computer Keyboard Cleaner
Computer Keyboard Cleaners are inexpensive promoting tools
from $3.49 to $2.16 ea
250 min qty
Phone Stand
Phone Stands are small enough to fit in pockets or purses
from $3.49 to $1.78 ea
100 min qty
Branded Screen Wipe
Branded Screen Wipes are excellent business accessories.
from $3.54 to $2.82 ea
250 min qty
Tech Accessory Carry Bags
from $3.85 to $2.86 ea
100 min qty
Gumbite Clippi  Cable Holder
Gumbite Clippi Cable Holders has a decorative pad that allows promotional imprinting.
from $4.00 to $1.37 ea
25 min qty
Micro USB 8 Pin Connector Cable
Micro USB/8 Pin Connector Cables are retractable and 1 metre long when extended.
from $4.13 to $3.32 ea
100 min qty
Capsule DVD Case
Capsule DVD Cases are supplied in black and presented in a gift box.
from $5.91 to $4.96 ea
100 min qty
USB Laptop Light
USB Laptop Lights are designed with a touch coloured tip.
from $6.00 to $3.28 ea
250 min qty
Promo Gumbite Stoppi
Promo Gumbite Stoppii keeps your desktop wires well organised.
from $6.11 to $3.99 ea
50 min qty
Goody Cable Organiser
Goody Cable Organisers are made from ABS plastic with flexible silicone.
from $6.24 to $3.53 ea
250 min qty
Wheel Rim DVD Case
Wheel Rim DVD Cases have a modern rounded style to fit in most briefcases and handbags.
from $7.00 to $5.99 ea
100 min qty
Combo Computer Aid
Practical Combo Computer Aids come with a light and USB connector.
from $7.19 to $4.22 ea
50 min qty
Tessalate DVD Case
Tessalate DVD Cases make a great promotional gift for your clients at holiday time.
from $7.72 to $6.70 ea
100 min qty
IT Phone Help Kit
Customised IT Phone Help Kits come with a protective mini case and a set of essential travel items.
from $9.24 to $6.16 ea
50 min qty
IT Equipment Container
IT Equipment Containers can be customized.
from $11.49 to $9.17 ea
50 min qty
Multi-Use USB Hub
Multi-Use USB Hubs are a handy computer accessory that are a great way to showcase your marketing message
from $13.22 to $9.11 ea
50 min qty
Calling Card USB Hub
Calling Card USB Hubs are handy desktop accessories to communicate with all your USB devices.
from $13.79 to $10.91 ea
50 min qty
Light Time Clock USB Hub
Light Time Clock USB Hubs include a built in light that changes colour.
from $15.61 to $12.66 ea
50 min qty
White Phone Stand
White Phone Stands with 4 port USB hubs are a must have phone accessory and a stylish promotional gift
from $19.17 to $13.65 ea
50 min qty
Baxter USB Fan
Baxter USB Fans have a pitch angle of 180 degrees.
from $19.69 to $15.35 ea
50 min qty
Study Desk Fan
Competitively priced Study Desk Fans are available in your choice of three colours.
from $21.34 to $13.01 ea
25 min qty
Alarm Clock USB Hub
Alarm Clock USB Hubs are presented in a gift box for a simple elegant bonus for your customers.
from $21.84 to $18.02 ea
50 min qty
Pen and Paper USB Hub
Pen and Paper USB Hubs feature 4 usb ports, pen holders and mini flag document markers.
from $23.10 to $19.48 ea
50 min qty
Card Holder USB Hub
Card Holder USB Hubs can have your company name printed in full colour on the lid.
from $24.97 to $20.63 ea
50 min qty
Bluetooth Compatible Folding Keyboard
Bluetooth Compatible Folding Keyboards are ideal for iPad and iPhone users.
from $56.05 to $42.32 ea
10 min qty
Monte Desktop Accessory
Monte Desktop Accessories are available in solid black or white/silver.
from $57.62 to $34.31 ea
50 min qty
Conrad Computer Travel Set
Conrad Computer Travel Sets are packaged in a stylish zippered case.
from $61.92 to $45.83 ea
25 min qty
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