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Mobile Phone Holders

If you need a novelty promotional product then look at our selection of promotional mobile phone holders and mobile phone stands. Fun Phone Holders come in either blue or red and are bulk packaged for your convenience, making these clever fun phone holders a wonderful promotional gift idea.

Fantastic value for money these nifty fun phone holders can also be branded with your corporate logo and have a pad print area of 25mm x 35mm (chair back) and 12mm x 35mm (chair base). These novel and fun promotional phone holders will be used around the office and can also be used as a stress relief item.

All Our Promotional Merchandise in Mobile Phone Holders

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Mobile Silicone Phone Stand
Mobile Silicone Phone Stands open up when pressed in the middle
Suction Cup Phone Stand
Suction Cup Phone Stands give your phone the ideal pedestal.
Mobile Phone Credit Card Holder
Mobile Phone Credit Card Holders are made using quality 3M glue.
Antenna Phone Stand
Antenna Phone Stands are practical as they are stylish.
Phone And Tablet Stand
Phone and Tablet Stands provide a safe spot for your phones and tablets.
Phone And Earphone Stand
Phone And Earphone Stands can be used to keep phones along with earphones.
Coloured Mobile Phone Holder
Coloured Mobile Phone Holders are an ideal way to promote your company. Look no further than these portable phone holders.
Star Phone Holder
Star Phone Holders have a unique design.
Mercury Phone Stand
Mercury Phone Stands are sturdy and stylish spots for your phones.
Micro Fibre Mobile Phone Pouch
Micro Fibre Mobile Phone Pouches are a nifty way to keep your phone from getting any scratches and would be a fun promotional giveaway.
Mobile Phone Stand And Pocket
Mobile Phone Stands And Pocket are a cool and innovative promotional item.
Vinyl Phone Pouch
Vinyl Phone Pouches are practical and trendy.
Branded Phone Holder
Branded Phone Holders are available in a variety of colours
Glasses Micro Fibre Pouch
Glasses Micro Fibre Pouches will provide your customers with an economical giveaway item to promote their business name.
Wall Stand For Mobiles
Wall Stands for Mobiles come with grip pads for easy mobile charging.
Modern Phone Holder
Modern Phone Holders are a premium quality promotional tool.
iPhone Wall Holder
iPhone Wall Holders bring convenience and style together.
Anti Slip Mobile Holder
Anti Slip Mobile Holders are simple yet extremely practical.
Phone Stand with Microfibre Cloth
Phone Stands with Microfibre Cloth are an easy to clean desk accessory.
Desktop Mobile Holder
Desktop Mobile Holders are a fun way to store your technology.
Carabiner Mobile Case
Carabiner Mobile Cases are tough and useful cases for mobiles and cameras.
Anti Slip Phone Pad
Anti Slip Phone Pads are ideal for the car to stop your mobile phone and other accessories from sliding around
Globe Mobile Phone Holder
Globe Mobile Phone Holders can be used as a marketing tool.
Chair Mobile Phone Holder
TV Remote Holders have multiple everyday uses.
Blue Phone Holder
Blue or White Phone Holders are a must have marketing idea.
Mobile Case With Lanyard
Mobile Cases With Lanyards keep your mobiles safe and protected.
Promotional Phone Holder
Promotional Phone Holders that also act as a coin money bank
Stress Toy Phone Holder
Stress Toy Phone Holders are an innovative promotional tool.
Phone Case with Wrist Strap
Phone Case with Wrist Straps are ideal for carrying compact cameras.
Piggy Bank Phone Stand
Piggy Bank Phone Stands are practical as well as decorative.
Sturdy Desktop Phone Stand
Sturdy Desktop Phone Stands are great fun desk accessories.
Great Fun Phone Holder
Great Fun Phone Holders can be used as a promotional marketing tool.
Promo Phone Holder
Promo Phone Holders can be the perfect promo handout gift
Unique Mobile Phone Stand
Unique Mobile Phone Stands are lightweight and easy to fit.
Neoprene Electronics Case
Neoprene Electronics Cases are made from a durable neoprene material
Easel Stand Phone Mate
Easel Stand Phone Mates fold for easy storage
Neoprene Case
Neoprene Cases are available in a variety of colours
Dual-Colour Mobile Holder
Dual-Colour Mobile Holders are a fashionable phone holder.
Adjustable Phone Stand
Adjustable Phone Stands by Boston make useful desk accessories.
Portable Mobile Phone Case
Portable Mobile Phone Cases are excellent promotional gift products
Mini Phone Stand
Mini Phone Stands can also plug into an audio jack for use with ear buds
Mobile Phone And Card Holder
Mobile Phone Card Holders are an ideal way to market your business.
Ice Mobile Phone Cover
Ice Mobile Phone Covers can be custom branded.
Polyester Mobile Phone Carrier
Polyester Mobile Phone Carriers are also suitable for carrying your MP3 players
Translucent Mobile Stand
Translucent Mobile Stands come in a range of fashion colours.
Neoprene Electronics Necklace
Neoprene Electronics Necklaces can be customized with your company info
Leather Look Mobile Holder
Leather Look Mobile Holders fold flat for easy storage.
Neoprene Portable Case
Neoprene Portable Cases can hold PDA's, mp3 players, or cell phones
Handy Mobile Phone Case
Handy Mobile Phone Cases have a safety release feature and hands free neck cord
H2O Bags For Smartphone
H2O Bags For Smartphone are trendy waterproof bags.
Bracks Mobile Phone Holder
Coloured Bracks Mobile Phone Holders come in a choice of five great colours.
Royale Mobile Phone Cover
Royale Mobile Phone Covers can be ordered in large quantities.
Deluxe iPhone Cover
Deluxe iPhone Covers can be imprinted.
Power iPhone Cover
Power iPhone Covers can be ordered in bulk quantities.
Promo Stylish Phone Stand
Promo Stylish Phone Stands come with sticky pads for better grip.
Flat Folding Mobile Holder
Flat Folding Mobile Holders are easy to carry and store everyday.
Eco Friendly Phone Holder
Eco Friendly Phone Holders are budget priced.
Multi Use Mobile Phone Case
Multi Use Mobile Phone Cases suit I phones, Blackberry's and MP3 players
Swivel Bottom Phone Stand
Swivel Bottom Phone Stands hold mobile phones and loose change
Customised Phone Holder
Customised Phone Holders are made in a top grade neoprene material.
Leisure Phone Holder
Leisure Phone Holders feature an adjustable elastic armband.
Champion Phone Holder
Popular Champion Phone Holders can be supplied in your choice of three colours.
Multi Function Desktop Holder
Multi Function Desktop Holders feature a triple curved shape to hold multiple devices
Custom Branded Phone Stand
Custom Branded Phone Stands make great promotional articles.
USB And Phone Stand
USB And Phone Stands come with a special light up feature.
Portable Media Stand
Portable Media Stands are multi-functional giveaway ideas.
Promo Mobile Stations
Promo Mobile Stations are prove handy for charging mobile phones.
Desktop Clock with Mobile Phone Holder
Desktop Clock with Mobile Phone Holders have a spot to hold your mobile phone and a large digital clock display
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